Jun 13           Loch Bar Houston  TX               9pm

Jun 16           Private Event

Jun 17           City Centre Houston                 6pm

Jun 19           BB Butchers Father's Day      10am

Jun 20           Loch Bar Houston  TX              9pm

Jun 24          Private Event w/ Hybrid 7 Band

Jun 25   Hybrid 7 Trio at Hyatt West Katy TX 5:30pm

Jun 26          Montrose Marketplace             12pm
Jun 27          Loch Bar Houston  TX                9pm

Jul 4                   Hybrid 7 Band

Jul 8           Private Event w/ Hybrid 7 Band

Jul 10           BB Butchers Houston TX          11am

Jul 11           Loch Bar Houston  TX                9pm

Jul 31           BB Butchers Houston TX          11am



I am so happy to announce that I am back on the scene! I am also grateful that the many establishments who had me as their resident artist in the past have called me back to entertain their patrons again. Come on out if you can and I hope to see you soon.


New Music by David Gallego

Listen to the latest songs from David Gallego featuring Tenor Saxophonist James Murphy on Start A New Life and also featuring producer and multi-instrumentalist Phillip K. Jones II on We’ll Find Time Part 2.

The first track We’ll Find Time Part 2 is a funky modification of David Gallego’s 2013 We’ll Find Time. In Part 2 lyrics were add reflecting on letting go of the past and moving forward to a better today. 

Start A New Life was a song written over 15 years ago, but this was the first time the song was ever produced and recorded.  


These songs and many more are now available on my website. Enjoy!

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